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If you’re looking for the best deals and prices for Belfast City Tour then you’ve certainly come to the right place. When it comes to Bus Tours or any other kind of entertainment, days out or experiences for that matter, then we are unbeaten on bringing you the latest information and offers. Our daily deal checker searches for the cheapest prices for thousands of experiences every single day of the year, so you can rest assured that the price displayed for the Belfast City Tour is as good as it gets and you certainly won’t be paying over the odds for this fantastic trip. The great news is that for today only we’ve found the Belfast City Tour available for the exceptional rate of just £19.35, so why delay and risk facing a price increase, click the find best price button above to be redirected to one of our trusted third party websites with a secure booking system. Here’s a brief description of the Belfast City Tour: Dublin to Belfast City 1 Day Tour Why not hop aboard and take a trip to historical Belfast, just 2 hours from Dublin by road? See what Northern Ireland has to offer;amazing countryside, historic sites and one of Irelands 7 Wonders ‘The Belfast Peace Wall’. Please note that Northern Ireland’s currency is Sterling (Pounds) not Euro. Highlights Belfast City & Historical Tour Visit the birthplace of RMS Titanic at Belfast Dockyard Visit the Belfast Peace Wall Listen all about Northern Ireland while you sit back and enjoy the view. No guidebooks needed on this trip! After a short coffee break along the way, your first stop is Belfast City. Here you will have a political / historical guided Tour of the city, visiting some of the political hotspots, as well as visiting the Republican Museum. After you will have some free time to explore the city and have some lunch, you might need to change some money to pounds as you are now in the United Kingdom! Then it’s on to visit the Belfast dockyards- birth place of the Titanic – before continuing the rest of your northern adventure! You have some more exciting stops to see before crossing back over the border. Visit Downpatrick and the grave of St Patrick. Here you will be shown the amazing cathedral and exhibition centre. Then on to the Norman castle at Dundrum before making a stop to take in the spectacular views of the Mourne mountains. Ask your guide to show you the famous ‘Gravity Hill’! Before hitting the motorway, the Tour makes one last stop at Ross’ monument dedicated to Major General Robert Ross, the man who burned down the White House. On the way back down to Dublin you can reminisce about your day’s adventure to Northern Ireland while listening to some traditional music along the way – What a day! . If you’re not quite ready to purchase yet then here are some of our top tips for booking your experience days while you make your decision.

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The great thing about Bus Tours experiences is that they can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, so why not consider it as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift for that special someone? Once you’ve decided on the perfect experience for you, make sure you book with a trusted third party such as Ticketmaster, 365 Tickets, StubHub or one of our many other affiliated websites, our best prices are always sourced from secure and well known brands. It’s quite likely that you will not receive your Belfast City Tour tickets immediately after ordering, usually these will arrive a couple of weeks or so before the event, however you will be notified at the point of booking, unless of course the ticket reseller uses e-tickets, then they will often be emailed immediately after purchasing. Our final top tip for getting the most out of your experience is to do your homework before you go, lots of websites now offer free experience guides which can include handy tips on the best time of day to visit, where to park, what to do if your experience can be disrupted by extreme weather etc. And of course a quick bit of reading customer reviews on a website such as Tripadvisor will also pay dividends, although you do need to take some of them with a pinch of salt! If you have any questions about Belfast City Tour then please get in touch via the contact us page.